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January 1, 2014

Don Whitson has assumed the position as Director of Training and Sales for Sage Ordnance Systems Group. Don recently retired as a sergeant from police service after 29 years, 26 of which were with Fort Collins (CO) Police Services.

Sgt. Whitson served on the Fort Collins Police SWAT team for 20 years. He retired as a team leader in January 2010. During his tenure he participated in and supervised hundreds of high risk warrants, barricade operations, riots and hostage rescues.

Don is a Master Instructor for Sage Control Ordnance and wrote the NEW training curriculum for the instructor course.

Don serves as the Less Lethal Section Chair for the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and he wrote the train-the-trainer curriculum for less lethal weapons; impact projectiles, chemical agents and sound flash diversionary devices (flashbangs). He also wrote and published the instructional course on Crowd Management in Threat Incidents.

He is certified to instruct at the national level in the areas of warrant service, barricade operations, hostage rescue, tactical/mechanical and explosive breaching, active shooter, legal issues, command and force-on-force training. Don holds instructor certifications in numerous less lethal weapon systems and was a Master Instructor for PepperBall. He holds instructor certifications from the FBI, Simunition, Verbal Judo Institute, Ethics for Law Enforcement, Cultural Diversity, Tactical Firearms and many others.

Don is a delegate to the National Institute of Justice Technology Working Group for Less Lethal Technologies. He also sits on the panel for the International Law Enforcement Forum on Minimal Force Options.

He is a certified and recognized expert in U.S. Federal District Court on police use of force and less lethal force technology. He has testified and consulted in numerous police defense cases on use of force. He publishes extensively on less lethal and police use of force.

Don writes, “I am excited to be a part of the Sage Ordnance Group. There is no finer company committed to quality and excellence manufacturing weapons and munitions used by law enforcement officers, corrections personnel and our U.S. Military. Please feel to contact me at any time if you need assistance. Stay safe!”



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