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After Action Incident Report

It is the intention of Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. to develop a national database to track the use of the Sage Less Lethal Launched Ammunition and Ordnance System. The purpose of this database will be two-fold; to develop new and possibly more effective types of ammunition and to provide law enforcement with a national database from which they can draw information as it pertains to the system. This information may become very helpful in the event of litigation stemming from the use of the Sage System.

Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. intends to continue gathering 37mm & 40mm data for this database via a standardized "After Action Report" to be filled out by Law Enforcement organizations involved in shooting incidents with the Sage System. Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. recognizes that it will take time to fill out this "After Action Report". As compensation for each report filled out in its entirety, Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. will provide to the participating agency two (2) rounds of Impact Baton Ammunition similarly used.

The information in this database will be available to any law enforcement agency in the United States who requests the information in writing. Please note that we have included provisions to block release of a shooting report if the participating agency does not wish the report released. In such cases, the information collected would be used in statistical database information only.

To request information from the database, please do so in writing to the above address. Be specific about what information you are requesting and include an address and telephone number where we may contact you at.

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