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Less-Lethal Training
SAGE has been providing less-lethal instructor training and armorer training courses for many years. Today proper training is more crucial than ever and SAGE is committed to providing law enforcement, corrections, and our military with the best possible training so individuals and teams can operate safely and effectively.

Our highly skilled and experienced instructors bring real world knowledge and expertise to our classes. Additional training information and a current class schedule can be obtained by contacting our Director of Training.


All Sage courses are available for hosting by your agency. Contact us for information on the requirements and benefits of hosting a course.


 Upcoming Courses

   Date Location Status
   June 1-4 OTOA - Sandusky, OH CLOSED
   June 13-16 ISOA - Fort Wayne, IN CLOSED
   September 25 SPD - Stow, OH CLOSED
   October 5-8 ATOA - Little Rock, AR CLOSED
   November 19 NCTOA - Raleigh, NC OPEN
   December 21 PGCPD - Marriotsville, MD OPEN
   January TBD OPEN
   February TBD OPEN


Each attendee must be physically fit for duty and able to perform physical skills associated with the use of Less-Lethal products. Sage trains only sworn law-enforcement officers, correctional personnel, state-licensed security personnel (OC only) or active service military personnel.

Required Equipment

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Helmet/Armor
  • Duty gear normally utilized when deploying Less Lethal munitions
  • Flame-resistant gloves
  • Gas mask/Respirator
  • Hydration equipment
  • Launcher

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